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  • The CEBIT 2014 hackathon winners

    We run the shortest hackathon I ever organised and attended. Although we limited boarding and development time to 6 hours only – all developer teams accepted this time-boxed challenge. They jump started their development stack and everbody built a functional app for each hardware. KUDOS TO YOU ALL ! It was very hard to judge but the biggest hackathon hack for me is the working Flappy Bird clone. You can now play 3D Flappy Bird as augmented reality smart glass app. The Android App runs on the EPSON moverio BT-200 and uses metaio and the orginal Flappy Bird game look and feel but is enhanced and does not only but 2d but 3D ! But take a short look yourself at the Flappy Bird 3D/AR video….

  • Developer Playground – Ready for Take-off @ space:d

    Developer Playground – Ready for Take-off @ space:d

    One day before the Developer Playground@space:d starts, we know one thing we have not been fully sure about yet: developers know where Hannover is and they are ready to get together on the CeBIT fairground!

  • CeBIT Hackathon well stuffed with 12 devices

    CeBIT Hackathon well stuffed with 12 devices

    It took some time, but eventually the device list for the Developer Playground hackathon on Fri 14. is complete – or at least almost complete. Twelve devices – as far as we know today – will be presented to the developers as hacking objects.

  • CeBIT barcamp is open

    space:d – Developer Playground registration has opened. The hands-on hardware event for developers on CeBIT from March, 12-14. has open the registration. Get you free CeBIT entrance and register for the participation of the barcamp and hackathon.