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Google Glass, Lego Mindstorms, Smart Watches – and more

Barcamp, Hackathon, community meetings: The Developer Playground@space:D is gaining momentum. Ideas, projects and proposals started floating in right after the announcement.

What devices are availbale

Friedger Müffke, Novoda – has promised to organize a physical meeting with and for Google Glass on all three days and show developers what he did with the smart glasses since he has them and demonstrate how to write apps for the device.

Robert Virkus, Enough Software – will bring some interesting hardware he possesses: an Omate TrueSmart smartwatch, possibly an Agent smartwatch and a Lego Mindstorms robot.

The stuff he brings will also be in the focus of two sessions which Robert proposed for the barcamp:

Playing with LEGO Mindstorms

Attendees learn how to interact with Lego Mindstorms robots and the options available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Robert’s other session will be about “Smartwatch Hacking”, highlighting the technical approaches and showing how to code watch faces, watch apps and connect a watch app with a smartphone app on several platforms.

Also on stage and all around the Developer Playground: how to use car data in apps and databases. Furthermore: coding in Javascript for devices that make use of Bluetooth Low Energy, a technology competing with NFC (Near Field Communication), and used in iBeacons, an indoor positioning system using low-powered transmitters that can notify nearby iOS 7 and Android devices of their presence.

More to come, stay tuned!

Not to forget: If this inspires you to make your own proposal, please do so – for the barcamp and for the hackathon.